Just in class daydreaming about “keychain condiments”


If Tabasco made a mini bottle of hot sauce that I could put on my keychain, that would be so convenient. Mustard, ketchup, what have you.
This is the result of me not taking notes.

Give me these wee portable mustards. 

That feeling when you literally have so much to do that it could swallow you up and spit out your tiny, sad bones but instead of doing all these crushing to-dos you instead are rendered totally useless by the stress and overwhelmingness of it all. Also, I’ve stress itched a red little circle on my forearm so maybe it was better when I bit my nails to nubs because I couldn’t do that..? (See I’m doing the thing right now, the rendered useless thing. See. See?)

Just spent an hour cruising amazon putting books on my wishlist I’ll never get around to buying or reading


how’s your Tuesday been?

this is hands down one of my top favorite activities. my wishlists are basically holding pens for books I don’t have the time/energy/money for. 

Add “watch Fargo" to the list of things I need to be doing with my life.

Ain’t no shame in my bow game.


this was the greatest movie ever and nothing you say can change that

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